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Futarque Introduces Mediarite Software on
Intel® Media Server Reference Design

Mediarite Next Generation platform allows users to watch content any way they want

December 20, 2013  (Aalborg, Denmark) –-Futarque, a leading supplier of Media Player, Worldwide Live Broadcast & IP TV middleware solutions, announced today that its Mediarite Software has been optimized for the Intel® Media Server Reference Design (MSRD).  Futarque's advanced next generation media server platform allows users to watch and enjoy content anyway they want. The Futarque Mediarite software solution features:

  • MediaPlayer  - Watch media content anywhere
  • Distribution - IP at home -  Watch and enjoy content on:  iOS®/Android®/Windows®
  • Live Television -  Modernizing the good old television
  • DVR - Recordings & Private Photos: DVR - watch recordings and photos anywhere
  • IP-TV Bridge, OTT, etc - Enhance the user's experience - connect to internet services  -  YouTube®, Google®, etc.
  • Apps:  Expanding the user experience by adding favorite apps


Combining the processing power from Intel architecture with the ease of use from the STB world, users will be able to consume and enjoy media content in a new, more pleasurable way.

“User experience is the key to the consumer’s heart,” states Jesper Kaagaard, CTO of Futarque. “The performance of the Intel® Atom™ processor CE5300 enables us to bring the best and most responsive experience to our customers with easy and swift development.”

The Intel MSRD is both a hardware and software design kit for OEMs and system integrators that allow them to quickly develop Intel-based set-top boxes and media servers. The MSRD is based on the Intel® Atom™ processor CE5300, a dual core Atom-based SOC that supports hyperthreading, virtualization, an advanced 3D/2D graphics engine, and integrated power management.

“As pay TV service providers look to deploy set-top boxes and media servers that meet their subscribers' demand for easy to use, visually based user interfaces, they need scalable technology that allows for rapid development in internet time” said Ran Senderovitz, general manager, Intel’s Service Provider Division.  “Futarque’s support of the MSRD with its Mediarite software will allow OEMs to quickly develop advanced systems that will delight their customers.”

The Media Server Reference Design is available from Futarque's webshop at


About Futarque

Futarque is a leading supplier of Media Player, Worldwide Live Broadcast & IP TV middleware solutions, providing middleware software, system integration services and hardware design services to major OEMs in the consumer electronics market place.

Futarque is one of the founding members of Intel® Consumer Electronics Network.

Intel® Consumer Electronics Network is a community of hardware, software and services providers that accelerate the development and time-to-market of Internet-connected CE devices.

Please contact Futarque for further information:

Futarque A/S
Aagade 15b
9000 Aalborg

Phone:+45 96314130

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