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Hardware Design

Futarque developers are experienced in carrying projects all the way from idea through design phase to production. We design and optimize headend receivers, set-top boxes, iDTV- and DTV-modules so that they can readily be put into production including production test software, guidelines and all necessary documentation. Our services also include on-site support for prototype production and successive production ramp-up.

Our technology platforms is based on the newest fully integrated multimedia processor types and due to insight in the latest chip technology, Futarque is able to cost optimize the customers desired hardware platform. The hardware design process at Futarque is highly automated using the latest CAD tools.

The team at Futarque has proven its ability to design hardware platforms that have been produced by well reputed global brand names in high volume and field-tested the real way. These platforms are still running – stable as ever.

We can provide various approvals, helping the customer to stay on the fast track to market.

  • CE conformance testing
  • Conditional Access validation
  • LVD directive approval

We are also experienced in setting up and performing after sales services – i.e. keeping the systems running at the consumer.