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Reference Designs

Futarque's hardware department is capable of delivering advanced hardware designs on incredibly short time schedules. See our products section for examples of their achievements. The secret behind the swift operation lies in the highly experienced engineering staff, their vast contact network and the powerful tools they use.
The software tool setup is second to none in features and integration. Every step of the process is as automated as possible - no place for tedious and error prone manual procedures here. For instance when a design is ready, you immediately have both a part list and BOM ready. This is possible because the design tools are linked to our comprehensive component database. It is also immediately visible to the designer which components are in stock - an issue which may be critical during design. Apart from faster design times the high degree of automation also results in much fewer errors in the products and the decrease in the number of hardware revisions also helps development schedules.
Production is performed by subcontractors. Once the prototypes have been manufactured they are thoroughly tested before mass production commences. Futarque also develops testing procedures, assembly manuals and test software for use during mass production.