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Why choose Futarque?

Futarque developers are experienced in carrying projects all the way from idea through design phase to production. We design and optimize head-end receivers, set-top boxes, iDTV- and DTV-modules so that they can readily be put into production including production test software suite, guidelines and all necessary documentation. Our services also include on-site support for prototype production and successive production ramp-up.

Our key competencies are:

  • European DVB specialist
  • Deliver solutions from basic zappers to full multimedia and home networking solutions
  • Solutions deployed in the complete European market in very large quantities
  • OS independent DVB Software Stack
  • Multiple hardware platforms available
  • One primary DVB Application Software Stack covering all product types and supporting a large set of features
    • Configurable
    • Modular and scalable
  • Standardized, modular and field-proven software base
    • Short time-to-market
    • Easy integration
    • Low return rate
  • Pan-European multi-language Software Stack incl. MHEG-5 Middleware
    • Logistic efficience
  • Software stack fully compliant to relevant requirements such as NorDig, Boxer, D-book, E-book, DTG etc.
  • Deep knowledge and experience in low level driver integration (API)
    • High product quality level
    • Product stability and reliability
  • Manufacturing knowhow
    • Support for setup, ramp-up and maintenance
    • Software contains embedded production test suite
  • Futarque has demonstrated staying power in a turbulent market