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Set-top boxes

The new generation of DVB-processors from various chipset vendors provides the horsepower for next-generation interactive Internet-enabled digital devices. With Futarque’ Linux-based software architecture we are offering not only a MPEG-4/H.264 High Definition Television (HDTV) Home Cinema solution but also full-fledged Multimedia benefits integrating the best features from the set-top box and the PC world.

Connected to the right devices, it enables a wide range of image and sound applications such as playing MP3-files, presentation of digital photos on the TV-set or watching digital videos while keeping them filed and organized on a PC or Network-attached Storage (NAS) connected through the Home Network. Through an Ethernet interface Internet browsing or access to Video-on-Demand services are enabled as well.

Furthermore the multiple tuner system and the addition of Digital Video Recorder (hard disc drive) and CD/DVD drive is giving fully flexibility to watch while recording (time shifting), storing and replaying media content from connected devices.