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Software Design

During the past years, Futarque has developed software to support our end-user solutions. Through the years the software has been put to the test in many different parts of the world with different environments. These years have given Futarque a complete and mature software base, which can lower your time to market as Futarque licenses this technology.

As the hardware evolved, so did the software. This means that the software can now run on the most popular DVB IC’s and supports many peripheral devices such as CI controllers, A/V switches and the like. Ever changing hardware has meant that the software from the beginning has been designed to easily adapt to new environments.

Being a pure development company and having to handle many different customers and products within the same software base, configuration management have been an important part of our development process since the company was founded. The software can easily be tailored to specific configurations depending on hardware or required functionality. Our CMS is developed in-house and has been refined and extended over the years to accommodate the customer demands for rapid prototyping and product variations. Along with our configuration system, our revision system and procedures plays a big role in insuring software quality. This has also been achieved by good craftsmanship; sense for detail and most importantly a strong belief in choosing long lasting solutions based on open standards.

The software can be delivered with several embedded decoding systems or Common Interface and varying degrees of support for EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and TeleText in the language families Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese.

Further to this, Futarque can offer its own developed interactive MHEG-5 middleware software stack – naturally passing all the required DTG test cases.